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Course Discriptions

General High School Physical Education

The high school course descriptions presented here communicate the essence of the high
school physical education experience. The content articulates the knowledge, skills, and con-
fidence students need to maintain meaningful physical activity throughout their lifetime.
The course sequence provides a blueprint for delivering the content in a manner that equips
students to make a successful transition from the physical education instructional program to
participation in physical activity during adulthood. The adult lifestyle demands that individ-
uals initiate and monitor their own participation in physical activity. Family responsibilities,
career demands, and individual choices influence physical activity patterns.

High School Courses 1 and 2 provide the foundation for high school instruction. Students
develop proficient movement skills in each area of physical education; they expand their ca-
pabilities for independent learning; and they examine practices that allow for sound decision
making to enhance successful participation in movement activities.

High School Courses 3 and 4 are electives that provide students with the opportunity to
explore a variety of physical activities in search of one they can enjoy and participate in for a

Course 4 electives are designed as a continuation of Course 3 and are intended for stu-
dents who have completed Course 3 and who want an intensive experience in an activity
that they may wish to participate in for years to come.

PE 9

A basic course required of all freshmen, which includes instruction in beginning and intermediate skills, basic rules, history and etiquette in a variety of sports. Students must complete the objectives of an activity in each of the following areas: Individual—an activity in which the student performs without the need of another person; Dual—an activity in which a student competes against another student; Team— an activity in which a group of students compete against another group of students; Rhythmic—an activity in which movement is coordinated with music or a rhythmic beat; Aquatic—an activity which covers the basic skills of swimming; Wellness—fundamentals of good health practices are incorporated in activities. 

PE 9 Teachers

Borges, Jill (408) 366-7388 ex.4854 PE Teacher
Ellegood, Craig (408) 366-7310 ex.4821 Physical Education Teacher / PE Department Lead
Gilmore, James (408) 366-7314 Athletic Director / Physical Education Teacher
Myers, Lara (408) 366-7388 ex.4871 Physical Education Teacher
Oswald, Chris (408) 366-7388 ex.4819 Physical Education Teacher

PE 10-12

Recommended: PE 9. The PE 10 elective program is designed to allow choice in the selection of physical education activities. Emphasis is placed on refining basic skill and participation. The activities typically offered may include: aerobics, aquatics, basketball, badminton, body development, dance, flag football, game management, golf, gymnastics, pickleball, recreational games, soccer, softball, tennis, track, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, weight training, wrestling. 

PE 10-12 Teachers

Borges, Jill (408) 366-7388 ex.4854 PE Teacher
Myers, Lara (408) 366-7388 ex.4871 Physical Education Teacher

Total Fitness

Recommended: PE 9. The course emphasizes aerobic activity with elements of all five of the components of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and body composition. This course is set to prepare students for a life of fitness after high school. Knowledge of anatomy and physiology will be introduced. Individual students will be assessed primarily on their own personal fitness level and student personal PE folders will be maintained. 

Total Fitness Teacher

Gilmore, James (408) 366-7314 Athletic Director / Physical Education Teacher

PE Weight Training

Recommended: PE 9. This course is designed for those students interested in developing body strength for advanced sports skills. Students will engage in weightlifting, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility exercises. Students will utilize both free weights and weight machines. 

PE Weight Training Teachers

Ellegood, Craig (408) 366-7310 ex.4821 Physical Education Teacher / PE Department Lead
Oswald, Chris (408) 366-7388 ex.4819 Physical Education Teacher

PE Martial Arts

Recommended: PE 9. In this alternative to PE 10, students will master the PE 10 standards with a focus on the applications of those standards within the martial arts. Students will learn formal, choreographed “forms” as well as applicable skills in self-defense, both standing and on the ground. An emphasis on physical fitness will be woven throughout the curriculum, as successful martial artists must combine strength and endurance. Short lessons will address the historical and cultural roots of various martial arts forms. Additional written, oral and project-based assignments will explore the PE 10 themes of health (including nutrition, emotional and mental health), adaptive fitness, and lifelong fitness. 

PE Martial Arts

Roberts, Julia (408) 366-7388 ex.4829 Math Teacher / Physical Education Teacher