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Meet our Students

Cupertino High School student Jack Townsend


Jack Townsend, Cupertino High School, Class of 2020

Jack will be attending Southern Oregon University

“Participating in two vastly different sports provided a great opportunity for me to learn and to immerse myself in the culture of the school. I got to see so many different athletes with so many stories to tell and so much wisdom to share. I was able to train with some inspiring and dedicated people who made it easy to follow in their footsteps. No matter if I was performing well or poorly, my coaches always expected more from me, and their high expectations fueled and inspired me to always pursue more from myself. Without my peers, I wouldn’t be half the competitor or person I am today. Cupertino provided a safe and fun place for me to get better and also help others around me. I found myself improving not only as an individual, but as a leader as well. I wanted to help others just as past teammates had guided me.”

Cupertino High School student Marie-Claire Norins


Marie-Claire Norins, Class of 2020

Marie-Claire will be attending Purdue University, majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management and minoring in Event Management

“Get involved as much as possible and as early as you can. I sometimes feel like as a freshman, fear or embarrassment got in the way of pursuing things I truly love like school spirit. What I have learned over the course of the last four years is that I never should have let these obstacles hold me back in the first place, because as soon as I got involved in activities I enjoyed the most, I was able to discover new passions and amazing people. I will never forget the feeling I got the night of our Winter Formal, the rush that I sensed when I got to see so many students having such a great time after my team put months of planning into executing this event. This is a feeling I want to chase for the rest of my life and that is why I have chosen to pursue a career in event management.”

Cupertino By The Numbers


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Athletic teams in 21 sports


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National Merit Scholarship semifinalists