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Biking to School

Biking to school gets another car off the road and you’re getting great exercise. We appreciate that you are wearing your helmets and riding so carefully. 

If you are coming in on Finch Avenue in the morning, we have two requests to keep you safer:

  • If you’re riding from Stevens Creek Blvd., please ride all the way to the crosswalk and cross with Mr. Buie in front of the theater. Please do not turn left into school at the access road.
  • If you’re riding down Finch Ave. from the football field end of campus, please enter campus just past the baseball field (there’s a big gate there) and get off of Finch. Bike racks are located behind the Wagon Wheel for students to park on that end of campus.

Please follow all the rules of the road, be courteous, use crosswalks and be vigilant.

Visit the City of Cupertino’s Safe Routes to School website for information on upcoming meetings if you are interested in helping formulate solutions to traffic frustrations.