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Staff Directory

Aron, Andrew (408) 366-7316 Music Teacher/Department Lead
Burn, John   Music Teacher
Iruegas, Gilbert (408) 366-7395 Music Teacher/Band Director
Wu, Pei-Ling   Music Student Teacher

High School and College Requirements

High School Graduation Requirements

There is a one-year requirement for graduation. Fine Arts (Art, Music, and Drama) is one of the “selective electives”, along with Modern Language and Applied Arts. A student must earn 10 credits in two of the three selective elective areas. If a student earns 10 credits from Fine Arts (Art, Music, and Drama) they still need 10 credits from Modern Language or Applied Arts for graduation.  

College Entrance Requirements

f. Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) - 1 year required

A single yearlong approved arts course from a single VPA discipline: dance, drama/theater, music or visual art (Quoted from the University of California).