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AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a program designed to prepare high school students for success in four-year universities. The CHS AVID curriculum focuses on developing study, organization, and academic skills for high school and college. We also offer in-class college and career counseling, personal mentoring, tutoring, and leadership development. AVID is for students who are serious about succeeding in high school and preparing for college. Success depends on individual determination and personal responsibility.

AVID is an "A-G" course. As an AVID student, you will receive ten units of College: Preparatory Elective credit each year.

The mission of AVID is to ensure that students:

  • Will succeed in their academic classes;
  • Will participate in school activities;
  • Will be college eligible and guided through the college admission process; and
  • Will become educated and responsible leaders in our society.

Interested in joining AVID? Apply for the 2019-2020 school year.

Staff Directory

Sheehy, Lisa (408) 366-7330  Guidance Counselor (Gh-Li)/AVID Admin.
Wright, Geoff           (408) 366-7376  Assistant Principal (Sar-Z)/AVID Admin.
Schaetzke, Jessica (408) 366-7388 ex.4839 World Language Teacher/AVID 12
Vernon, Allison                (408) 366-7388 ex.4806 English Teacher/AVID 12
Benson, Amy (408) 366-7388 ex.4807 Math Teacher/AVID 11
Southerd, Samantha (408) 366-7388 ex.4934

Science Teacher/AVID 11

Robison, Elise (408) 366-7388 ex.4832

Social Studies Teacher/AVID 10

Fitzpatrick, Kyle (408) 366-7388 ex 4863

Social Studies Teacher/AVID 10

Gonzalez, Elena (408) 366-7388 ex 4852

Social Studies Teacher/AVID 9

Padgett, Jenny (408) 366-7388 ex 4891

English Teacher/AVID 9


What will I do in an AVID class?

Skill Development

You will practice study skills such as note-taking, organization, time management, and test-taking. You will also improve academic skills including critical reading, analytical writing, and public speaking.

College & Career Counseling

You will be introduced to a variety of colleges and universities through speakers, field trips, and independent research. You will also learn about different college requirements and get help preparing for college entrance tests, such as the PSAT, SAT I & II, and ACT. You receive support completing college and financial aid/scholarship applications.

Personal Mentoring

Your AVID teacher will help you monitor your current progress and set future goals in individual conferences during the year. Your AVID teacher will work with your counselor in helping you decide your high school schedule and keeping you informed of options such as summer school and honors A.P. courses.


Twice weekly, you will work in tutorial groups with peer tutors to go over difficult material and study for tests.

Project-Based Learning

You will design individual and collaborative projects based on your personal interests, focused on topics such as cultural awareness and service learning.

Who can participate in AVID?

CHS AVID students are typically historically underserved students in four-year colleges (ethnic minority and/or low income and/or first generation college students and/or special circumstances) who:

  • Have academic potential for a four-year college;
  • Have average to high standardized test scores;
  • Have a 2.5–4.0 GPA;
  • Have good citizenship; and
  • Have good attendance.

How do I enroll in AVID?

Students are selected for AVID and there is no open enrollment. However, if you think you qualify for AVID at CHS, please contact the AVID Coordinator or talk to your counselor.

Interested in Being an AVID Student?

The AVID program recruits students in the spring for next year's class. We visit 8th graders at the feeder Cupertino Union School District middle schools but also accept incoming sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Please contact the AVID coordinator Lisa Sheehy at lisa_sheehy@fuhsd.org for more information. 

AVID Interest Questionnaire