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Terra Nova

The Terra Nova Program is an intervention program designed to help students with high academic potential that might need added support during the school day to reach that potential. The program is for 10th and 11th grade students at Cupertino High School.

Students start in the Terra Nova Program their 10th grade year. During that school year, the students take three classes in the program with their Terra Nova classmates. The three classes include World Literature (WL), World History (WH), and Terra Nova Life Skills. All sophomores at Cupertino High School take World Core, which consists of the WL and WH courses. The Terra Nova World Core classes follow the same curriculum and have the same assessments as all sophomores.

During the students’ 11th grade school year, they take two Terra Nova classes: (1) Terra Nova American Literature and (2) 11th Grade Terra Nova Life Skills. The students exit the program after their junior year. Hopefully, the students feel comfortable and confident going into their senior year after their two years in the program because they will have taken advantage of the various supports the program offers.