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Guidance Team

Welcome to the Cupertino High School Guidance Department! The Guidance Office is open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. The Guidance Offices and the College and Career Center are located in the Student Union Building.

Guidance Counselors are generally available for student drop-in visits during Brunch and Lunch. Appointments are recommended for all other times as Guidance Counselors are often in classroom presentations or other meetings throughout the day.

Staff Directory

Melina Nafrada Assistant Principal, Guidance (408) 366-7319
Judy Gonzalez

Administrative Support, Guidance


Concurrent Enrollment Forms

For De Anza or Foothill, please enter the email address directly from the College Student Portal

(408) 366-7373

Gregg Buie



Guidance Counselor (Student Last Names A to F)

*Appointment Request

(408) 366-7328

Tamara Emmert



Guidance Counselor (Student Last Names G to Le)

*Appointment Request

(408) 366-7312

Belinda Olson



Guidance Counselor (Student Last Names Li to Re)

*Appointment Request

(408) 366-7358

Lillie Phares



Guidance Counselor (Student Last Names Ri to Z)

*Appointment Request

(408) 366-7330
Wendy Amick College and Career Advisor (408) 366-7309
Judy Lim School Registrar (408) 366-7379
Rosalba Hernandez Data Technician (408) 366-7369
Christopher Hickey Student Advocate (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) (408) 366-7326
Denise Salin Student Advocate (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) (408) 366-7329