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Rachel Zlotziver

Join us on Saturday, Sept. 29 for a special session presented by the PTSA to help students and parents navigate the college application process. The session will begin at 9 a.m. in the CHS Theatre.

The college application process can be overwhelming and intimidating for both parents and students. There are myriads of decisions to be made and conflicting information floating out there, resulting in higher stress levels for students and parents. This workshop will provide attendees with an understanding of the application process and how to reduce the stress of getting through it all. 

The session will cover what freshman, sophomores, and juniors need to focus on to better prepare for the college application process, topics such as:

  • Review of a step-by-step "roadmap" including how to plan for academics, testing, extra-curricular activities, college selection, financial planning and more;
  • Insights on how to manage the stress of the process; and
  • Understand roles and responsibilities of the students, parents and support resources.

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