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Steven Puccinelli
Assistant Principal/Athletics 
(408) 366-7374

James Gilmore
Athletic Director 
(408) 366-7314 

Katelyn Watts
Athletic Trainer 
(408) 366-7331

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Upcoming Athletic Informational Webinars

Athletics Informational Webinar 11/5/20  . Athletics Informational Webinar 12/3/20
6:30 - 7:30, hosted by the athletic department administration
Fall Parent Notification Agreement  . Dual Sport Request Form  . Concussion Testing Instruction Agreement
All parents must sign agreement prior to athletes participating in CHS Fall Fitness & Conditioning program  

Athletes interested in participating in two sports within the same season must complete form to initiate process.  This is not needed to play a sport in season one and season two

  Athlete must have a completed form and valid test to be cleared for participation. Questions contact Katelyn Watts.
    Webinar Presentation 10/1/20    
    This is the Athletics Informational Webinar Presentation from 10/1/20    


2020 -2021 Athletics Calendar

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the following changes have been made to the 2020-2021 athletics calendar:

  • All athletics have been postponed until Dec. 14th 2020.
  • The three seasons of sport (fall, winter, spring) have been reduced to just two (season-one & season-two).  See linked calendar for specific start dates.
Season-One Season-Two
Cross Country Paul Armstrong  Badminton Andrew LaRock 
Field Hockey Allyson Matsuoka      Albert Chow
Christen Velasquez Baseball Pete Hernandez
Football Chris Oswald Eddy Puga
TBA Basketball (B)  Craig Ellegood
Gymnastics Garry DeGuzman TBD
TBA Basketball (G) Scott Stevens
Volleyball (B & G) Xiaofeng Foret Glenn Yokoshima
Hongliu Lu Golf (B & G Kyle Fitzpatrick
Water Polo (B)  Elijah Breedlove Soccer (B)  David Light
TBD Leah Israel
Water Polo (G)  Yuri Ujifusa Soccer (G)  Sean Coleman
Sachi Ujifusa Raquel DeJesus
Sideline Cheer  Gabby Sites Softball Steve Vinciale
Strength Coach Sherman Trigg Ray Loya
    Swimming  Yuri Ujifusa
    Sachi Ujifusa
    Swimming/Diving  Gregg Buie
    Tennis (B & G) Manuel Zarate 
    Gregg Buie
    Norman Tsai

Track & Field

Paul Armstrong
    Wrestling Luke Santos
    Trad. Comp. Cheer Gabby Sites

CCS Sports Calendar


Credit Participation Agreement (must be completed to receive PE or Elective credit for athletics /band/dance)

Physical Form 1: Family

Additional Information

Athletics Calendar