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Athletic Support Donations

In a normal year, we would have asked for your support at the start of each season, but in this, the most abnormal of years, the athletic department did not feel comfortable asking for donations without a guarantee of the seasons of sport coming to completion.  Now that we have successfully completed all three seasons (or close to it), we would like to return to the matter of donations in the spirit of preparing for all future athletics at CHS. 

This year, in just a four-month span, we have successfully offered and completed all of the following sports:

  • Season-One:
    • Swimming, Cross Country, Girls Tennis, Girls Golf
    • 71 total athletes
  • Season-Two:
    • Badminton, Field Hockey, Football, Soccer, Girls Volleyball
    • 205 total athletes
  • Season-Three
    • Baseball, Basketball, Boys Golf, Gymnastics, Softball, Boys Tennis, Track & Field, Boys Volleyball, Water Polo, Wrestling
    • 266 total athletes
  • Year Totals
    • 542 total athletes
    • Live streamed 50+ games in the absence of spectators
    • 34 total teams over three different levels (Varsity, Junior Varsity, Frosh/Soph)
    • Playoff opportunities for season eight different season-three sports
    • Countless number of COVID tests

We are proud of the job that our athletic staff has done during this trying time helping your son/daughters grow, improve, and - most importantly - keeping them safe.  Special recognition should be given to the coaches.  The numerous hours they have put in this year has been heroic in the face of mass uncertainty and undeniable risk.  Your financial support could be the best way to state your appreciation for all they have done this year. 

Your donation will be used in a myriad of different ways: 

  • Replace uniforms lost in the chaos during the start of the pandemic
  • Replace weathering netting and other safety equipment
  • Secure tournaments fees for future teams
  • Sport specific facility upgrades (scoreboards, padding, etc…)

To donate, visit this webpage: https://tracks.activenetwork.com/CPTHS/athletic-support-donation

OR use this QR code:

We are asking for $100.00 donation per athlete, per sport … but please feel free to give what you can.

Thank you for your consideration and GO PIONEERS!