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Athletic Clearance Registration

How to Register

Step 1

Athletic Clearance Registration Log in and update information - or -  register and input all information.

Athletic Clearance Resources

Step 2 (A)
Upload Documents
Print.  Have parent or guardian complete information.  Scan and upload to your Athletic Clearance account 
Step 2 (B)
Print. Have doctor complete information after completion of physical.  Scan and upload to your Athletic Clearance account.

Must have:

  • Doctor's signature
  • Doctor's ID#
  • Date of examination
  • Stamp of location completed
  • Doctor checks YES to "This student is medically cleared to participate in sports/activities"
Step 2 (C)
See sample above.  Upload a picture or scanned version of your Insurance Card as a valid form of "Proof of Insurance" to your Athletic Clearance account.
Step 3
Concussion Test

Concussion Baseline Assessment

To best determine if an athlete has suffered a concussion, a baseline concussion assessment MUST be completed prior to the start of the season. E-mail Athletic Trainer Ajay Kurani if you have questions.

* Please upload signed IK12 Form to Home Campus!!