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Lisa Vinciale, Head Varsity Coach

TBA, Assistant Coach

Sideline and Competitive Cheer

Cupertino High School has two cheerleading teams: 

  • Sideline Cheer
    • Is an activity, not athletics
    • Begins late spring of the previous school year 
    • Ends at the end of the winter season
    • Cheers at all football games, basketball games, rallies and other events
    • Focus is on spreading school spirit
    • Eligible for PE / Elective credit in the fall
  • Traditional Competitive Cheer
    • Is an athletic sport
    • Begins in mid-september
    • Ends in late spring
    • Has a separate tryout apart from sideline cheer
    • Focus is on competing against other cheer teams in a competitive format
    • Eligible for PE / Elective credit in the spring

Contact cheer coach for specific tryout dates and season schedules

Cheer Team 23-24

Competition Cheer Team - 2022-2023