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Credit for Spring Athletics

As a participant in the Spring Athletics season, you were enrolled in PE Team Athletics. With the postponement of athletics, you have choice to continue to earn PE credit (or elective credit for 9th graders) through distance-learning PE Athletics.

To earn credit, you will have to:

  • Exercise at least 90 minutes a week (weekend activities CAN be used)
  • Report completed exercise in a Weekly Athletic Fitness Log using Informed K-12 (also attached to schoolloop assignments).
  • Submit your digital log every Friday, which will serve to verify class attendance and credit throughout the remainder of this school closure. 
  • This 90-minutes of exercise needs to be separate from any other exercise instruction you are currently obligated to complete.  For example, if you are currently in another PE class at CHS, you need to complete 90-minutes for both sections to receive credit, 180-minutes total.
  • Coaches should have provided you specific workouts to complete for this distance learning period.  These suggested workouts do NOT need to be the exercises completed but are strongly encouraged.  
  • If you successfully complete the exercise requirements, you will receive 5 credits of “PE Athletics” (or elective credit for 9th graders). Your sport will no longer be listed on the transcript* for this Spring semester.

If you do not need the credits and wish to drop the class, please inform Coach James Gilmore via e-mail.

Contact Information

Athletic Director & Course Instructor: James Gilmore

Office Phone / Voice Mail: 408-366-7314

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