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Future Pioneer Athletes

Welcome Letter from the Athletic Director

Dear Future CHS Athlete,

On behalf of the Cupertino High School Athletic Department, I welcome all students to participate in our interscholastic sports programs.  Sports are an excellent way to grow emotionally as an individual.  As a former high school athlete, I know that athletics played a major role in helping prepare me for college and the adult world. Because of sports, the lessons of my coaches, and the games I played, I developed skills in time management, problem solving, delegation, motivation, and team building.

CHS Athletics participate in the SCVAL (Santa Clara Valley Athletic League) in the Central Coast Section (CCS) All rules and regulations handed down by these governing bodies will be adhered to at all times.

As a member of the Cupertino athletic family, our expectations for you are similar to your own family’s expectations. Act responsibly as you represent our school district.  Remember that you are an ambassador for everyone who attends our school.  How you act and react to situations reflects not only on you, but also on your parents and peers.  As a student athlete, you have academic and athletic responsibilities.  Study, go to class, practice hard, and do your best to excel. Take pride in the opportunity to represent all of us in a first-class manner.

The Cupertino High School Athletic Department’s philosophy is that the student athlete’s pursuits on the field should be equally measured with those off of it.  To that end, a Cupertino athlete should pursue personal growth through academic work, team experiences, and as an ambassador of our district.  You should maintain a sense of ethical responsibility. The department strives to maintain an outstanding athletics program, conducted in a manner that sets an example for good sportsmanship. Our primary concern is the education of the student-athlete. We expect all who choose to participate in our sports programs to be responsible student-athletes. We hope you will take full advantage of this opportunity to get a top-notch high school education while participating in our athletic programs.    

Please remember that the coaches and administrators are here for you. Our goal is to help you succeed in life. Once you have graduated, we hope you will remain involved with the district as a proud member of the CHS alumni.

Go Pioneers!

James Gilmore

Athletic Director


Steven Puccinelli
Assistant Principal/Athletics 
(408) 366-7374

James Gilmore
Athletic Director 
(408) 366-7314 

Katelyn Watts
Athletic Trainer 
(408) 366-7331

Where to Start?

Check CHS sport specific website for summer workouts & practice details.

Contact the coach directly for specific questions via e-mail.

Contact CHS Athletic Director if you cannot reach the coach: James Gilmore