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Fitness & Conditioning Plan

Covid-19 Restrictions for Fitness and Conditioning Programs


This document outlines the plan being implemented by the Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) for Spring 2021 Athletics/Activities fitness and conditioning in light of restrictions being placed on athletics and activities by the Santa Clara County Public Health Department as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. The Spring 2021 Fitness and Conditioning program will be an extension of the program implemented during the Summer and Fall 2020-21 by the FUHSD.
Basis for Program Planning and Organization

The planning and organization of the Fall Fitness and Conditioning program is based on information from the following:

Important note: The guidelines and instructions below are subject to change depending upon the conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions and requirements imposed by the California Department of Health, Canta Clara County Public Health, and Fremont Union High School District

Guidelines and Instructions

Fitness and Conditioning Sessions - Activity Type and Eligibility  
  • All athletics teams and their coaches are eligible to participate in Fitness and Conditioning.
  • Only activities involving fitness, conditioning, and individual skill development are allowed.
  • Any sport can do fitness and conditioning during Season 1 or 2. 
  • In-season sports will be given priority for facilities usage (see Appendix 2 - SCVAL 3-season model. Season depends on Santa Clara Public Health Tier and health requirements)
    • Season 1 (Feb 1 - Mar 26) = Boys and Girls Cross Country, Girls Golf, Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Swimming and Diving.
    • Season 2 (Mar 1 - Apr 23) = Field Hockey, Gymnastics, Football, Boys and Girls Soccer, Badminton, Girls Volleyball, Traditional Competitive Cheer.
    • Season 3 (Apr 5 - May 28) = Boys and Girls Track and Field, Boys Tennis, Boys Golf, Baseball, Softball, Boys Volleyball, Boys and Girls Waterpolo, Boys and Girls Basketball, Wrestling.
  • Requests from non-athletics/activities based groups will be accepted and reviewed for eligibility on a case by case basis. Requests should be submitted to John Dwyer (Director of Human Resources, FUHSD) and must include how the group plans to meet and follow Santa Clara County Health Department requirements (see below re. Cohort Organization, etc…).
  • Activities (e.g Robotics) may operate fitness and conditioning cohorts as long as they have approval to do so by the school administration.
Cohort organization
  • Fitness and conditioning will be conducted in cohorts where a group of students (and a teacher, coach, or instructor) stay together throughout the session to minimize exposure for students, teachers, and staff across the school environment. 
  • Cohorts will have a maximum of 12 students. 
  • Students may not move between cohorts.
  • Coaches may not move between cohorts. There may be only 1 coach per cohort.
  • All individuals within a cohort (coaches and students) must remain at least 6 feet apart at all times.
  • There shall be NO physical contact between athletes during any workout.
  • Cohorts, or individuals within cohorts, may only work out within the group and not intermix with other cohorts.
  • Multiple cohorts of 12 are allowed at the same facility but cohorts must stay 25 feet, or more, apart and not interact in any way.  
Health and Safety Precautions, PPE, etc...
  • Coaches and students must wear a mask to and from the workout location and at any time when not actively participating in a workout. 
  • Individuals may remove their face covering for outdoor exercise so long as they stay at least 6 feet away from everyone, who is not in their household, at all times. 
  • Face coverings shall not be required when children/youth are actively exercising outdoors provided that they remain at least six feet distance. 
  • If sports participants will be frequently or consistently within six feet of each other during play and face coverings can be worn without compromising player safety, they should be worn; this includes most low- and moderate-risk sports except for swimming and diving.
Athletic Trainer Protocols
  • TBC
COVID-19 Symptom Screening
  • All students, coaches/instructors and volunteers must complete the District produced FUHSD Fitness and Conditioning COVID-19 Symptom Check every day prior to participating in fitness and conditioning sessions. 
  • All coaches and instructors will conduct a “roll call” check with their cohort prior to fitness and conditioning to ensure that all participants have completed the screening questionnaire and are eligible to be at the session prior to the session commencing. 
  • Responses to screening questions for each person will be recorded and stored. 
    Any person with cold/flu symptoms will not be allowed to participate, should self-isolate, and contact their primary care provider or other health-care professional.
  • Written medical clearance will be required to return to activity. 
  • Vulnerable individuals should not supervise or participate in fitness and conditioning sessions.
  • The COVID Symptom Screening Tool can be found at:
Use of Equipment (e.g. musical instruments, weights, balls, etc...)
  • No equipment may be shared between students in any cohort. This includes balls, rackets, bats, musical instruments etc…
  • No musical wind instruments may be used.
  • Equipment brought from home for the sole personal use of an individual student that is not shared with anyone else may be used.
Facility Use
  • Locker Rooms may not be used. Athletes must come to Fitness and Conditioning dressed in the appropriate attire for the particular Fitness and Conditioning session.
  • Gyms, weight rooms, field houses, auditoriums, band/orchestra, choir rooms, and any other indoor facility may not be used.
  • Each coach/instructor must work with the school’s Administrator overseeing Athletics and Activities and the Athletic Director to schedule their cohort’s fitness and conditioning sessions.
  • Coaches and instructors must keep to their agreements regarding fitness and conditioning sessions to avoid any risk of overscheduled facilities that could cause a greater risk of exposure to COVID19.
Fitness and Conditioning Schedule
  • The FUHSD Spring Fitness and Conditioning Program will run parallel to the SCVAL 3 seasons model:
    • Season 1 = Feb 1 - Mar 26
    • Season 2 = Mar 1 - Apr 23
    • Season 3 = Apr 5 - May 28

Fall Conditioning Parent Notification Agreement