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Winter Sports

Sports: Basketball, Soccer & Wrestling

Practice Begins: Monday, Oct. 29

Scrimmages Allowed: Monday, Nov. 12

Contest Allowed: Monday, Nov. 19

Winter Sport Coaches

Sport Coach / Email
Basketball (Boys) - Head Varsity Craig Ellegood
Basketball (Girls) - Head Varsity Scott Stevens    
Basketball (Boys) - Head Frosh/Soph Kenji Mitchell
Basketball (Girls) - Head JV Glenn Yokoshima
Basketball (Girls) - Assistant Varsity  Oliver Yeh
Basketball (Girls) - Assistant Varsity Matt Austin
Soccer (Boys) - Head Varsity Daniel Tkach
Soccer (Girls) - Head Varsity Sean Coleman
Soccer (Boys) - Head Frosh/Soph Kaitlin Boyle
Soccer (Girls) - Head JV Myra Amparo
Soccer (Boys) - Assistant Varsity Mike Garrett
Soccer (Girls) - Assistant Varsity Raquel DeJesus
Wrestling - Head Varsity Mike Moyano
Wrestling - Assistant Varsity Luke Santos
Wrestling - Assistant Varsity Jeremiah Erskine
Sideline Cheer - Head Varsity & J/V Gabby Sites
Trad. Comp. Cheer - Head Varsity & JV Gabby Sites

Upload Pictures

Athletic Picture Folder

By clicking the link above you may add sport specific pictures to a google drive folder to be used for the end of the year celebration slideshow & yearbook


Credit Participation AgreementMust be completed to receive PE/Elective credit for athletics/band/dance

Lastest News

Sports Awards Night

The ASB has made a change to the sports awards night celebration.  In the past, ASB has hosted one celebration per season (3 total, fall, winter & spring)  This year, we will have one BIG celebration at the end of the year for all athletes in all seasons.  The ALL sports awards night will be held on May 21st in the gymnasium.  Please save the date.  More details to come has plans are finalized.