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Spring Sports

NFHS Network

The athletic department has installed a Pixellot camera system in our gymnasium and stadium. For a fee, you could have access to the entire NFHS network allowing you to stream all live events in both facilities. 
  • $10.99 per month
  • $69.99 per year
Furthermore, you would have access to all contests across the nation as well as access to all archived events, such as past games, senior nights, and even rallies.
Special thanks to the CHS Athletics Boosters for their help making this possible

Spring Coaches

Sport Coach / Email
Baseball - Head Varsity Pete Hernandez
Baseball - Head F/S

Eddy Puga

Golf (Boys) - Co-Head Varsity  Kyle Fitzpatrick
Golf (Boys) - Co-Head Varsity  James Gilmore
Gymnastics (Girls) - Head Varsity Garry DeGuzman
Gymnastics (Girls) - Head JV Garry DeGuzman
Softball - Head Varsity Steve Vinciale
Softball - Head JV TBA
Swimming (Boys & Girls) - Head Varsity & JV Yuri Ujifusa
Tennis (Boys) - Head Varsity Manuel Zarate 
Tennis (Boys) - Head F/S Norman Tsai

Track & Field (Co-ed) - Head Varsity & JV

Paul Armstrong
Volleyball (Boys) - Head Varsity Xiaofeng Foret
Volleyball (Boys) - Head JV Hongliu Lu

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Order Professional Team Pictures

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Athletic Picture Folder

Use the link above to upload personal pictures of athletes and the team.  These pictures may be used on the website, yearbook, end of the year celebration.  Please add photos to the appropriate file.

Athletic Boosters

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