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ASB Student Bank

Only sanctioned and approved clubs, organizations and departments may have an ASB Account. An account must be established by the advisor with the ASB office prior to any financial activities. This includes Clubs Day. Sufficient funds must be in the account to cover all expenses prior to any spending. In addition to the ASB Constitution by-laws and regular ASB procedures, the procedures and protocols outlined below must be followed.

ASB Timelines

Reimbursement requests  Four (4) day minimum
Purchase Orders Four (4) day minimum
Facility Requests Must be turned in two weeks prior to use date for In House requests and one month for outside community events.

Procedures & Protocols 

Ticket Sales and Deadlines/Sales Cut-Offs

All ASB and Class sponsored events that require tickets, where tickets will not be sold at the door to the event (i.e. Prom, IDC Dance, etc.), will have a firm deadline for when ticket sales will be permitted.  Tickets sales must be completed two full school days prior to the event. The only exception to this will be if the venue or contracted company has an earlier deadline that we must adhere to for reasons of counts, transportation, facilities, etc. This buffer of two days will allow our ASB office to organize the finances, administration to check eligibility, and student leadership to plan effectively for the event.

Fundraisers and Required Supervision

All requested fundraisers must continue to follow the current procedures. A request for fundraiser form, and a profit and lost statement must be filled out and submitted to the ASB office to be passed by the Executive Council and then the Student Senate.  

Any fundraiser that involves a group of students meeting at the same place for an event/activity must be approved by the Administration prior to going to the Executive Council or Student Senate.  

Whenever groups of students are congregating in the same place, adult supervision is required.  For example, merchandise sales do not require any adult supervision other than the signature of the advisor/coach on the request for fundraiser form.  However, any event such as a dance, concert, etc. requires administration approval and adult supervision. The student leaders in charge of the event should make an appointment with Assistant Principal Andy Walczak and bring a written proposal of the event including date, time, location, logistics and budget. Mr. Walczak will bring the proposal to the administration team and get back to the student.

Reimbursements and Deposits through ASB

Any student group, club, or team with an ASB account must turn in original receipts for reimbursement and the request for reimbursement form with an advisors and student representatives signature to the ASB office within 30 days of the event.  This will help us to keep more accurate records of accounts and monitor cash flow.

Any student group, club, or team with an ASB account must deposit any money earned or collected through fundraisers/dues within 30 days of the collection. All deposits from Fundraisers must include a completed profit and lost statement.  Individuals/advisors/coaches should not hold on to cash or checks. All checks must be payable to Cupertino High School. To ensure that your account is credited for the money that it earned, please do not put any deposits in Mrs. Balga's mail box. This is not a secure place to leave checks or money.

Clubs Day

For Clubs Day cash boxes please see the Club Commissioners for due dates and other requirements.

Clubs Day - Return of Cash Box

For clubs day the maximum amount of cash that you can request is $20.00.  This helps to ensure that all clubs have an opportunity for starting change.  Please make sure that the student in charge of the cash box does not leave the box unattended.   Also, all monies must be deposited immediately after clubs day is over.    Please make sure that this is included as part of the clean-up process.

Financial Procedures & Forms


  1. Obtain a “Funds to be Turned In” form from the ASB office.
  2. Fill out the form completely with all the required information.
  3. Turn in form with the checks- made payable to “CHS or Cupertino High School”- and cash (all coins that complete a roll must be rolled, change rolls located in the ASB Office) to the ASB Office.
  4. All deposits MUST be made within 30 days of the event/fundraiser.
  5. Checks turned in past the 30 day limit, will not be accepted.

Purchase Orders (Required if Merhchandise Total is Over $300)

  1. Obtain a “Request for Purchase Order” form from the ASB Office or on-line.
  2. Fill out the form completely with all of the required information and signatures. 
  3. Attach additional documentation or quote from the company for the goods/services requested.
  4. If you want your order faxed, include a FAX number.
  5. Return completed form to the ASB Office along with the quote from the company.
  6. Allow four days for PO approval from the time of submission.

Check Request

  1. Obtain a “ASB Check Request Form” from the ASB Office or on-line.
  2. Fill out the form completely with all of the required information including the advisor and student representative signatures.  The ASB treasure and School Administrator signature is not required prior to submission.
  3. Include original receipt stapled to the back of the check request.  Receipt MUST include the company name.  Credit Card statements cannot be accepted unless the specific merchandise is a line item.  Documentation of purchases is required for all reimbursements.
  4. Check requests must be submitted 30 days from the purchase date.
  5. Allow 3-5 days for a check to be processed.

Cash Box Request

  1. Obtain a “ASB Cash Box Request” form from the ASB Office or on-line. Fill out the form completely with all of the required information including the name of the person who will be responsible for the return of the money.   
  2. All requests for cash boxes must be submitted two days in advance.  

Transfer of Money

  1. Obtain a “Transfer of Money” form from the ASB Office or on-line.
  2. Fill out the form completely with all of the required information including the purpose of transfer.
  3. Obtain signature from the account holder who account the funds will be transferred from.
  4. Submit form to the ASB Office.