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Yearbooks must be purchased as a package along with an ASB card. There is no way to buy a yearbook at the end of the school year at a discount or separately from the ASB card purchase—they are one in the same! 

When you buy an ASB card, that purchase includes: a reserved, personal copy of the 2018-2019 Nugget yearbook, discounts on dance ticket prices for the whole school year, and free entrance to all home athletic games (except tournaments) for the whole school year.  

Purchase your yearbook as early in the year as possible to get the best value for your money and avoid missing out on discounted pricing. ASB card/yearbook package prices are discounted during Pioneer Days in August. Prices rise slightly for the remainder of 1st semester, and then rise slightly again at the start of 2nd semester.   

In order to obtain your ASB card after purchase, bring your receipt to the ASB Office (Room 724).  In order to obtain your yearbook after purchase, listen for announcements at the end of the year & bring your ASB card / photo ID with you to the yearbook distribution lines in June.

2018-19 Nugget Adviser & Editors

Carley Stavis – Faculty Adviser

Ruth Lee - Editor-in-Chief

Ashwita Nair – Editor-in-Chief

Joseph Chung  

Rebecca Liu 

Christine Fang

Purchase A Yearbook

To purchase an ASB card/yearbook package for the year, click the “Student Store” button below, or make your purchase in-person at the ASB window on campus.